Published: Mon, January 07, 2019
Sport | By Ruben Hill

White Sox won't go past seven years for Manny Machado, Bryce Harper

White Sox won't go past seven years for Manny Machado, Bryce Harper

There is so much speculation around the two superstars, but it feels like anything could happen. That's our responsibility here at Phillies Nation as (hopefully) one of your favorite providers of Phillies-related news and opinion.

Boras and Lerner have struck big deals before and could do so again here.

The Manny Machado and Bryce Harper sweepstakes have always been intertwined.

Harper may have rung in the new year as a free agent, but he reportedly has multiple 10-year offers waiting for him.

It can be assumed that Harper also has emotional ties to the Washington organization.

" should not be taken as gospel that the Phillies have offered or will offer Harper 10-plus years". While these stats aren't eye-popping, Harper's career stats show 2018 to be an anomaly for a player primed for the best years of his career. "The annual average salary is what matters most".

Regardless, numbers and ideas are going to be thrown around, but not yet will the stupid money come into play in Sin City, and Harper won't get mobbed by Philadelphia's electricians.

If Chicago isn't willing to go seven-plus years, they'll likely sit back and wait for free agency in 2020.

ESPN's Jeff Passan reported earlier this week that Harper could still return to the Nationals, despite team owner Mark Lerner publicly stating they wouldn't offer more than $300 million. Are you exhausted of the Harper rumors and rumblings?

Phillies officials have planned a face-to-face meeting with Bryce Harper in his hometown of Las Vegas over "the next week or so", a person close to the player told Jim Salisbury of NBC Sports Philadelphia. It is also believed that they are even more interested in Machado. This bit of information from Nightengale comes just two weeks after Machado attended meetings with the White Sox, Yankees, and Phillies in their respective cities.

It doesn't appear like a signing will occur anytime soon, but now it appears that Harper might be staying in Washington, D.C. after all.

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