Published: Fri, January 18, 2019
Money | By Ethel Goodwin

Brindisi talks shutdown at White House

Brindisi talks shutdown at White House

In an unprecedented move, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has urged President Donald Trump to reschedule his annual State of the Union address slated for January 29, citing security concerns triggered by the ongoing government shutdown which has "hamstrung" the critical departments.

The group of Dems that met at the White House on Wednesday, in a statement released before the meeting, reiterated the position of Democratic leadership: that the government must be reopened before any negotiations on border security can commence.

The United States government is in its fourth week of a partial shutdown because President Donald Trump firmly believes the USA needs a border wall and Democrats do not.

"While many Democrats in the House and Senate would like to make a deal, Speaker Pelosi will not let them negotiate", Trump claimed during remarks at the Pentagon. Pelosi wrote that expending government resources to ensure the event's security would be inappropriate considering that both the Secret Service and the Department of Homeland Security are now without funding. The Maryland Democrat said it was "unbecoming of the president of the United States". Trump is demanding $5 billion to fund a wall along the Mexican border.

The White House said the bill 'requires the compensation of government employees for wages lost, work performed, or leave used during a lapse in appropriations that begins on or after December 22, 2018, and entitles excepted employees to use leave during a lapse in appropriations, ' according to CNN.

Seven Democratic lawmakers were in a bipartisan group that went to the White House on Wednesday to explore a solution. "It's not who we are as a nation", she has said.

The White House had no immediate comment on Pelosi's request.

On Tuesday, the Trump administration announced that it would recall 50,000 furloughed workers and put them back to work without pay by changing their status from "furloughed" to "essential" in an effort to reduce pressure from voters to end the shutdown, Bloomberg reports.

The absolutist position of both Democratic lawmakers and Trump has many of his senior advisers anxious about economic ramifications.

It asks the president to agree to open the government up for three weeks to allow a debate "to give Congress time to develop and vote on a bipartisan agreement that addresses your request".

But that may provide little relief for government employees, some of whom are being asked to come back to work after being initially furloughed and told to stay home, although they will not be paid on schedule. He said both Trump and Vice President Mike Pence "spent a lot of time" with the Democrats, calling the talks "very sensible discussions that involved listening and speaking". "Because if you do it now, they'll shut down the government next year for something else.' I share that sentiment". But it's actually a consequential dispute about who'll have leverage, now and later, as the partial shutdown enters its 27th day Thursday, setting a dubious record for duration.

There was no immediate reaction from the White House.

Meanwhile a group of Republican senators headed to the White House later Wednesday.

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