Published: Tue, January 22, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Experts Following Syria Attack: ISIS Not Defeated

Experts Following Syria Attack: ISIS Not Defeated

President Trump traveled to Dover Air Force Base on Saturday as the remains of four Americans killed earlier this week by a suicide bomber in Syria were returned to the U.S.

Officials studying the incident are not dismissing Islamic State's claim of responsibility for the blast, which killed two USA troops and two civilians working for the US military, and regard it as plausible if not likely, one of the sources said.

By claiming to have "crushed the ISIS caliphate" - the quasi-state covering parts of Iraq and Syria that the group controlled for several years - Pence emphasized the part of the allied effort that has been successful, without mentioning that the group still exists as an underground army of terrorists, capable of pulling off deadly attacks.

Biddle slammed Trump for using language that is deliberately misleading, saying, "Nobody thinks ISIS has been annihilated".

Just four weeks after president Donald Trump declared victory over the Islamic State group, the jihadists claimed responsibility for a brutal attack in Syria that highlighted a very different reality on the ground. Raising the stakes in his dispute with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., the president on Thursday abruptly canceled her military flight, hours before she and a congressional delegation were to depart for Afghanistan on a previously undisclosed visit to US troops.

U.S. Central Command said two service members died, as well as a Pentagon civilian and a contractor, while conducting a "local engagement".

He said that only Russian Federation and Iran have praised Trump's decision and that "whatever leverage we may have had with these two adversaries in Syria diminished once Trump said we would leave".

"The caliphate has crumbled and ISIS has been defeated", he added in remarks at the Global Chiefs of Mission Conference, prompting applause in the room.

The Turkish later said that he had chose to postpone the start of the military operation in Syria after a phone conversation with Trump on 14 December, during which the U.S. president also revealed his plans to withdraw troops from Syria.

All of the wounded Americans were service members, according to the command.

A US withdrawal from Syria without a plan would lead to an "Iraq on steroids", he said.

By arming the YPG group in Syria, Washington "created a nightmare for Turkey", said a senior U.S. senator during a visit to the Turkish capital on Saturday.

However, he said the U.S. would "stay in the region and we'll stay in the fight to insure that ISIS does not rear its ugly head again".

On Dec. 19, he tweeted that the US had "defeated ISIS in Syria", adding that was the "only reason" to have troops on the ground there.

"He's a private citizen and he can say whatever he likes", Summers told reporters Friday, adding that "we remain committed to the defeat of terrorism". Ankara views the YPG as a "terrorist" group and an extension of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) that has for decades waged a separatist armed campaign in Turkey.

Trump's abrupt decision to exit Syria - apparently made during a call with Erdogan in December - stunned most USA allies, but was welcomed in Turkey.

However, a US military official on Friday confirmed that the USA -led military coalition had begun the process of withdrawing troops from Syria.

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