Published: Tue, January 22, 2019
Culture | By Margie Dunn

Prince Philip given ‘words of advice’ after being pictured without seatbelt

Prince Philip given ‘words of advice’ after being pictured without seatbelt

But he remarkably walked away without any injuries, while the two women suffered minor injuries and the nine-month-old baby escaped unscathed.

Buckingham Palace made a statement on Friday after the incident.

A mum-of-two injured in a auto crash involving Prince Philip said she was "surprised" the Queen had been in touch while she had no contact from the duke himself.

Buckingham Palace said on Friday that both women had been contacted and "well wishes" had been exchanged.

Prince Charles, as well as other members of the Royal family are "worried" about Prince Philip after the traffic accident, according to reports.

Philip's questionable driving practices have inspired a wide range of colorful Twitter commentary, including cheeky posts about royal meet and greets, as well as the prince's eye-popping age.

Asked on ITV's This Morning if she believed Prince Philip should face prosecution if found to be liable, she replied: "Absolutely".

Debris from the Duke of Edinburgh's vehicle accident have reportedly been put up for auction on eBay, reaching a highest bid of £65,900.

Broken glass and vehicle parts on the road side near to the Sandringham Estate, England, where Prince Philip was involved in a auto accident.

Isabel Dick said: 'I can't help but wonder, if a 97-year-old crashed into William and Kate's auto with their baby in it, how long would it take Parliament to rush through new laws about older drivers'.

'I told him the baby was fine - but we thought the passenger had broken her arm, ' she said.

A Norfolk Constabulary spokeswoman said the force was aware of the photographs taken on Saturday showing the driver not wearing a seatbelt and said that "suitable words of advice have been given to the driver".

Norfolk Police have since said that the crash would be investigated thoroughly and "any appropriate action taken".

The seller said: "These items are not stolen, they have been left at the roadside for way too long".

The driver, a 28-year-old woman, had cuts while a 45-year-old female passenger broke her wrist.

Police spoke to the duke about the legal requirement to wear a belt and he also underwent an eyesight test, which he passed.

Philip is said to have remarked "I'm such a fool" after the accident.

But he added: "If the sun was so low and right in your eyes, sometimes it's impossible to see, and that may well have been the case, and that would afford him a defence".

'When I phoned the police liaison officer he wasn't prepared to answer my questions, ' she claimed.

The accident created quite a ruckus among the United Kingdom media who questioned about the Duke's age and his ability to drive in the public roads at an old age.

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