Published: Mon, January 28, 2019
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Aide says Trump OK with second shutdown over border spat

Aide says Trump OK with second shutdown over border spat

On Friday morning, an air of uncertainty hung over the White House as Trump pondered.

Trump, in agreeing to the end of the government closures, threatened a new government shutdown in mid-February if he can not reach a border security deal with Congress or to declare the national emergency and build the wall with unspent funds it has found throughout the government and without congressional authorization.

Trump has spoken for weeks about using his presidential authority to declare a border emergency and bypass Congress, allowing himself to take funds from other sources for the wall.

Federal workers as varied as museum employees and US Coast Guard sailors were left without salaries.

After the president announced the agreement, top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer said he hoped the experience would be a "lesson learned" for Trump and his party that it is self-defeating to shut down the government over policy disputes.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter Friday night to try to save a bit of face, insisting that he did not actually concede anything to Congressional Democrats when he agreed to end the longest government shutdown in USA history. Those discussions will keep Democrats' priorities on the back burner and could trigger a new shutdown if no agreement is reached.

As part of the deal, a bipartisan committee of House and Senate lawmakers is being formed to review border security recommendations.

Mulvaney's statement came just 48 hours after Trump ended the longest government shutdown in USA history, which left800,000 federal workers unsure of when their next paychecks would come, INSIDER previously reported.

Some conservatives swiftly rebuked Trump for agreeing to reopen the government last week without wall funding.

Roberts, sitting in for host Chris Wallace on Sunday, asked Mulvaney bluntly, "So, did the president cave to Democrats?"

The Coast Guard told personnel it was "working through the weekend to process your pay as quickly as possible" and said back pay should be received by Thursday. The Friday Fox Business panel took a break from labeling Pelosi "an imbecile or a liar" and Dobbs said "the queen of the hill" has every reason to believe she came out the victor in Trump's border wall standoff.

The president said he could invoke emergency powers to start wall construction or orchestrate another shutdown if Congress can't strike a deal on homeland security funding in the next three weeks.

And he refused to answer a question on whether or not Trump would take less than the $5.7 billion. It doesn't mean that I don't want border security. I do.

Trump has previously claimed that the cost of illegal immigration is more than US$200 billion a year, without providing any evidence for those claims. "Cost Friday was $603,331,392", Trump tweeted.

"Here's what I think come February 15th, if the Democrats still say "Go to hell on the wall you get a dollar". But he argued that the figure "has to be larger than 11 million" because of the numbers of migrants who continue to cross into the United States each month. Trump explained in his tweet.

"I think that number was accurate a couple of years ago. It will be perceived as such on every television monitor and screen in the country-and to deny it is to try to escape from reality, and that we ain't going to do here", Dobbs said.

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