Published: Tue, January 29, 2019
Money | By Ethel Goodwin

Meng, other Huawei executives face 13 charges in US

Meng, other Huawei executives face 13 charges in US

Prosecutors also accuse Huawei of engaging in a concerted effort from 2012 to steal information about a T-Mobile phone-testing robot nicknamed "Tappy".

A Huawei spokesman did not immediately return phone messages seeking comment.

Companies like Huawei pose a dual threat to both our economic and national security, and the magnitude of these charges makes clear just how seriously the Federal Bureau of Investigation takes this threat.

These US charges come the day after Canada fired its ambassador to China, days after he publicly said the US extradition request for Ms Meng was flawed.

If the banks knew about Huawei's violations of Iranian sanctions, they would have "reevaluated their banking relationships with Huawei", which included USA dollar and Euro clearing.

Huawei also is accused of obstructing justice by providing a false report claiming the attempts at stealing T-Mobile tech were the work of rogue employees, rather the company as a whole.

USA prosecutors filed a string of criminal charges yesterday against the Chinese telecom giant Huawei, deepening tensions between the two countries over the company's alleged espionage and sanctions-busting activities.

In the NY indictment, prosecutors noted that Huawei used its affiliate, Skycom Tech Co. Meng is charged with bank fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracies to commit bank and wire fraud.

Huawei is one of China's "national champions", an US$8.4 billion firm promoted and protected by the ruling Communist Party.

Prosecutors also allege that Huawei stole trade secrets, including the technology behind a robotic device that T-Mobile used to test smartphones, prosecutors said.

"For over a decade, Huawei employed a strategy of lies and deceit to conduct and grow its business".

Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, flanked by the heads of several other Cabinet agencies, said the United States would seek to have Meng extradited from Canada, where she was detained last month at the request of the United States.

The DOJ has accused Huawei and Meng, among others, of engaging in a "long-running scheme" meant to "deceive numerous global financial institutions and the United States government regarding" its involvement with Skycom, allegedly - and falsely, the DOJ says - claiming that Skycom wasn't its affiliate.

Mr Whitaker said Huawei had lied to the United States government to obstruct investigations, moved potential witnesses back to China, and misled banks to continue to process transactions.

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross will take part in the discussions, along with the president's economic adviser Larry Kudlow and trade adviser Peter Navarro.

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