Published: Sun, February 10, 2019
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Germany wants to avoid banning Huawei from 5G networks, report says

Germany wants to avoid banning Huawei from 5G networks, report says

Complicating the situation is the Canadian arrest of a top Huawei executive sought on an extradition request by the U.S.

For Thailand, security concerns over Huawei's equipment come second to its competitive pricing versus that by USA firms, Pranontha Titavunno, chairman of the Information Technology Industry Club of the Federation of Thai Industries, said.

While Washington has already largely barred Huawei from supplying its government and contractors, it sees advanced European preparations for 5G mobile networks as a security risk that could also endanger the United States.

Huawei's business has come under threat in recent months as an increasing number of governments express concern that its technology could be used by Chinese spies.

So far, nothing has been publicly provided to back these claims up, but that hasn't stopped the U.S. holding talks with the European Union in Brussels and its independent governments.

According to a report by Reuters, the company has previously offered & constructed security labs in Britain & Germany with the intention of rebuilding confidence in the brand and showing that the company's equipment & consumer electronics do not contain back doors or spyware for the Chinese intelligence service.

That's why as Liu said, 'Cybersecurity should remain as a technical issue instead of an ideological issue.

"Recently, Huawei has been under constant attack by some countries and politicians, we are shocked, or sometimes feel amused by those ungrounded and senseless allegations", said Abraham Liu, Huawei's Vice-President for the European Region and Chief Representative to the EU Institutions. "Because technical issues can always be resolved through the right solutions while ideological issue cannot", he is quoted as saying.

The French Senate on Wednesday rejected proposed legislation aimed at toughening checks on telecoms equipment despite the United States warnings.

The Chinese telecom giants Huawei and ZTE have been in the Trump administration's crosshairs as part of a broader focus on Chinese national security threats that has paralleled the ongoing trade war.

In the letter, Ryan Ding, president of Huawei's carrier business group, stated that the company "has never and will never" use its equipment to assist espionage activities for the Chinese government.

The government now had no own information on whether the Chinese company could be a security threat, Altmaier was quoted as saying.

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