Published: Tue, February 12, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Today's Weather: Chilly Day Ahead Of Quick Hitting Storm To Come

Today's Weather: Chilly Day Ahead Of Quick Hitting Storm To Come

That means expect your drive Tuesday morning to be a slow one.

Snow, ice pellets, freezing rain and strong winds are all in the forecast at various points throughout the day. Snow will then likely continue through the night and through most of Tuesday, though at least brief lulls will be possible. In the Quad Cities, 4-5 inches of slushy snow is expected with more significant 6"+ accumulations from Cedar Rapids-Iowa City, up to Dubuque". There is also a risk of freezing rain, which could result in power outages.

On the heels of rain, wind and ice, North Bay must now brace for snow. Light-to-moderate steady snow persists throughout the evening and into the overnight time frame.

Some parts of the Pacific Northwest already buried by a winter storm are starting to see another round of snowfall. Despite the meager snow totals and mainly wet roads, Tuesday morning's commute may still be a messy ride. "It's too early to pin down snowfall rates, but they have the best chance to reach at least 1"/hour overnight and perhaps occasionally into Tuesday, though again the snow looks to lighten up some during the day.

Precipitation is expected to be heaviest in the north and northwest suburbs, with snow accumulations between 1 and 4 inches possible in some places.

We have a fleet of winter weather advisories and warnings posted for New Jersey.

"You've got storm after storm sliding down the sweet spot to produce low-level snow", said Kirby Cook, a meteorologist at Seattle's National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration office.

The last time Humboldt County beaches saw snow was during the winter of 2002-03, forecasters said.

Clouds will be moving into our area Sunday evening eventually giving way to a winter snow/rain mix around midnight.

More than a foot of snow (30.5 cm) was recorded in some areas, including on the Olympic Peninsula. But it's not going to be a ferociously cold wind - I'm seeing high temperatures in the 40s on Wednesday and Thursday.

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