Published: Tue, April 02, 2019
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John Oliver Attacks WWE On Last Week Tonight

John Oliver Attacks WWE On Last Week Tonight

Oliver talked about how the WWE Superstars are treated by the company and their status as independent contractors. He then dove into negative topics, mentioning wrestling's high mortality rate, McMahon's consolidation of the industry into a monopoly, then specific onscreen incidents like Vince's "relationship" with Trish Stratus and the time he dropped a racial slur in front of Booker T.

If you have 23 minutes to spare on Monday and you're a WWE fan - or even if you just follow professional wrestling casually, or if you're just a human being who doesn't care about it - you should use them to watch this segment from John Oliver.

Oliver pointed out that Wrestlemania, due to return next week earned $930.2 million in revenue a year ago, making it the sixth most lucrative sport in TV rights.

This meant that they would not be entitled to the rights of typical workers, such as annual leave, health insurance or pensions.

Past attempts at unionization were stamped out by McMahon.

Citing Bret Hart's Wrestling With Shadows documentary, Oliver went in on WWE's treatment of their wrestlers.

Much of what he said is what fans have felt for decades but the way everything was presented was well done. "And when you've lost the moral high ground to the fucking National Football League, you're morally subterranean".

The host of Last Week Tonight described McMahon as a "billionaire on the broken backs of his non-employees" and called on fans to make their voices heard during next week's WrestleMania.

At the 12:35 mark of the video above, Oliver pointed out how CM Punk said that he was given Z-Paks by WWE medical staff in 2013, saying that he was given so many Z-Paks that he "sh-t his trousers on [an episode of] SmackDown".

The full video can be FOUND HERE.

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