Published: Wed, April 03, 2019
Money | By Ethel Goodwin

United States border closure threatens avocado supply

United States border closure threatens avocado supply

If President Donald Trump follows through on his threat to close the US-Mexico border, it would disrupt the flow of $1.7 billion of goods daily to store shelves and factory floors - including not just avocados, but beer and auto parts, too. 'Then we're going to close the border, that's going to be it'.

In the segment above for The Late Show, Colbert takes a look at Trump's recent threat to close the USA border with Mexico - and what exactly it might mean for the economy. Closing the border with Mexico could potentially disrupt millions of legal border crossings and billions of dollars in trade.

She said USA officials see Mexico "stepping up and taking a greater sense of responsibility" for the surge of immigrants, about 100,000 last month, mostly from Central America, who entered the United States to request asylum to escape poverty and violence in their homelands.

"On Thursday, my US patients started to cancel because of the lines", Orozpe said.

"If this happens - and I certainly hope it doesn't - I'd hate to go into a grocery store four or five days later and see what it looks like", Jungmeyer said.

López Obrador said he would not have a confrontation with the United States. The announcement came a day after Trump blamed the countries for migrant caravans that have come to the United States southern border recently, and said that "we're not paying them anymore because they haven't done a thing for us".

"Now that this crisis is upon us, it's the time to take that effort to the next level", he added. That's a move that has frustrated even many GOP leaders and members several times before, leaving them grasping for what to put in legislation.

Margo's latest remarks come on the heels of an action-packed week on immigration policy in the Trump White House.

According to the communiqué, Lopez Obrador noted that the Federal Government has made in-depth changes in the labor and environmental sectors, and it has taken innovative outreaching measures to improve competitiveness in the northern border region and to develop Mexico's south and southeast.

"If the President is going to make these kinds of threats, it would be great to be more specific about it, so we can tell American citizens what to expect", said Schwab.

"Wait times in Brownsville (Texas) were around 180 minutes, which were two times the peaks of previous year", said a senior DHS official on a call with reporters. "We ended the day yesterday at Otay Mesa [California] with a backup of 150 trucks that hadn't been processed", the official said.

Trucks wait in a long queue for border customs control to cross into the World Trade Bridge in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico April 2, 2019.

Alternatively, the US Department of Homeland Security officials revealed that 100,000 illegal immigrants troop into the country monthly and as such, it is already affecting the system and it can't get worse than it already is.

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