Published: Sat, April 06, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Biden to Make 1st Appearance Since Complaints About Behavior

Biden to Make 1st Appearance Since Complaints About Behavior

President Trump said he does not see Joe Biden as a political threat. "I'm not sorry for anything I've ever done - I've never been disrespectful, intentionally, to a man or a woman". Biden joked to an audience after hugging union president Lonnie Stephenson. "And I'm proud of it".

The doctored parody video Trump retweeted shows images of Biden popping up behind the former vice president, touching and nuzzling him. "I'm not going to judge him on it or not on it".

Speaking to reporters after his speech, Biden said it wasn't his intent to "make light of anyone's discomfort".

"We've gotten so damn sophisticated".

"I take everything with a grain of salt these days because I know what it's like and our family knows what it's like better than anyone to have things said about you and you be accused of things and maybe it's not the full truth", Trump said.

"You can have both conversations", she said. "I've employed thousands of Electrical Workers", the president tweeted as his plane flew toward the Mexican border with California. I hear what they're saying.

The IBEW endorsed Hillary Clinton over Trump in 2016.

Biden, 76, has been mulling another White House run for several months, and has been inching toward a decision.

Biden, who is gearing up to become a Democratic frontrunner in 2020 (though he hasn't announced he is running yet) is facing accusations of improper touching from seven women who accuse him of touching them improperly.

Biden told reporters Friday he "wouldn't be surprised" if other women come forward with allegations he made them uncomfortable, but he noted that he has had "hundreds and hundreds of people contact me who I don't know and you know, say the exact opposite". In Trump's version, a Biden avatar approaches Biden from behind and appears to grab his shoulders.

The former VP reprimanded Trump for acting less-than-presidential, but Trump said "people got a kick out of it".

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