Published: Sat, April 06, 2019
Tech | By Anita Cain

Microsoft Closer to Finalizing Windows 10 1903 "May 2019 Update"

Microsoft Closer to Finalizing Windows 10 1903

There's no doubt some people will find the Game bar more appealing because of these features. If you'd prefer to stay on 19H1, you'll need to reset your Windows Insider settings (go to Settings Update & Security Windows Insider Settings) to either the Slow or Release Preview Rings. Microsoft is now releasing cumulative updates to May 2019 Update that bump the build number incrementally. It's a lot. With the next big one - simply called the May 2019 update - Microsoft is changing things up. Microsoft will still force an install of a major feature update for Windows 10 if your current version will soon be reaching end-of-support status. However, those automatic updates often change file associations, break apps, and alter basic system features without warning. If you are, your update will wait to install. Windows 10 Pro users, on the other hand, have always been able to pause, delay, or defer feature updates. After being thoroughly tested, the update will start to publicly roll out to compatible devices in May.

And there was more new information out of Redmond that includes giving users more control over the updates. In response, Microsoft has been taking steps to make feature updates and monthly cumulative updates are less disruptive for users. Windows 10 version 1803 and 1809 will feature that option "by late May" as well according to Microsoft. Organizations that had previously set a 274-day deferral policy will get stuck on a dead OS channel, explained John Wilcox, a Windows as a service evangelist at Microsoft, in a Wednesday announcement. Earlier in the year, Microsoft asked users for ways to improve the bar and now it's starting to turn those suggestions into actual features, said the software giant on its Xbox Wire site. Now, we have the May 2019 update. To further enhance active hours, users will now have the option to let Windows Update intelligently adjust active hours based on their device-specific usage patterns. All Windows 10 devices with a supported version will continue to automatically receive the monthly updates.

For those with the Spotify app for Windows, there will be a new Spotify widget allowing users to integrate Spotify functionality into the Game Bar.

We will begin releasing 19H2 bits to Insiders later this spring and will talk more about what that will look like in the near future.

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