Published: Fri, April 12, 2019
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Top 7 Moments of Dwyane Wade's Incredible Career

Top 7 Moments of Dwyane Wade's Incredible Career

Obama confessed: "D-Wade! Congratulations on a great run".

The Twitter user added: "I don't think he has come out as anything, however he has full support of his family while finding himself, which is the entire point of this post. most black kids don't get that, and it's lovely to stop w/ the "oh he gay gay, ' or 'I knew he was gay" comments". "My knees were shot so I had to give up basketball forever".

"I appreciate that; I needed that one on my way out", Wade told Stephen Curry after the game, who could only admit: "Deep down it was cool to see, even though we lost". I was always against it, someone who doesn't know me, telling me how to live my life and giving me instructions. This city means everything to me. "You did us proud".

As his career comes to a close, much has been made of Wade's retirement, which has prompted tribute ads from brands like Gatorade and Budweiser. Wade posted a triple-double to finish his career on the best of notes.

From the moment he was drafted with the number five overall pick of the 2003 National Basketball Association draft, the Chicago native went on to become the star of the team and then the face of the franchise as a whole. It took Haslem less than a minute to do one of the things he does best - take a charge.

"You're not Wade the basketball player - the legend", Andrea Oliver says to Wade in the video.

As the audience laughed, Legend reportedly began to sing some of his latest single titled, "Preach", at one point in the conversation he highlighted the fact that Teigen was one of the first people to ever tweet her unfiltered thoughts at Trump. "[Michael] Jordan was special to be able to come back into his 40s and play, but this is it". "I still got my drink", the EGOT victor proudly said in the clip as Chrissy couldn't hold back her laugh while a security guard tried to wipe the water off her face.

Dwyane Wade will play his final game at the American Airlines Arena on Tuesday night. "It's forever, forever, forever going to be my home".

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