Published: Mon, April 15, 2019
Research | By Sheri Schwartz

Strong storms in US South kill at least 8 and injure dozens

Strong storms in US South kill at least 8 and injure dozens

According to a statement by the Angelina County Sheriff's Department, at 2:13 p.m. on Saturday, police responded to a call "about a tree that had fallen on a vehicle". "The tree fell just as they were going under it". Severe storms crossing a big swath of the South, including parts of Louisiana and MS, have knocked out power to thousands and caused some flash flooding.

"Potential for widespread severe thunderstorms Sunday across much of the Eastern US".

Authorities say a possible tornado has touched down in western MS, causing damage to several businesses and vehicles.

In a preliminary damage report, the National Weather Service assigned the tornado an EF-3 rating, saying peak winds reached around 140 miles per hour in Franklin.

The entire town of Franklin and neighboring Bremond lost electricity, with 3,088 customers without power early Sunday.

In North Texas, The Dallas Morning News reported hail, ranging from pea-sized to baseball-sized, falling throughout the region. The death is believed to be storm related, the sheriff's office said.

More than a dozen people were left injured, but there was no fatalities in Robertson County.

Vicksburg, Mississippi, was also affected by a tornado.

CNN meteorologist Chad Myers said the warm air present during the afternoon enhanced the atmosphere's instability, creating more energy for storms to tap into and aiding in their development. Damage also has been reported near Satartia, Mississippi, from the storms.

The fire station in Hamilton was destroyed, as were multiple homes and a retail center. There are several trees down.

Residents in parts of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia Georgia and Florida were encouraged to monitor weather bulletins throughout Sunday and to secure loose outdoor items.

The tournament ended - with Tiger Woods winning his fifth Masters in dramatic fashion - earlier than usual, at mid-afternoon.

The tornado watch includes Lexington, Covington and Somerset and stretches east throughout the rest of Kentucky.

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