Published: Sat, April 20, 2019
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Journalist Shot Dead in Northern Ireland Rioting

Journalist Shot Dead in Northern Ireland Rioting

In a story published by the Mosaic Science website in 2016 that was widely shared on social media on Friday, McKee explored why in Northern Ireland more people took their own lives in the first 16 years after the so-called "Troubles" ended than died during them.

She had recently moved to Derry to live with "love of her life" Ms Canning and was also an editor for California-based news site Mediagazer, a trade publication covering the media industry.

The BBC reports dissident republicans are being blamed for the killing. She had tweeted just minutes before being hit by a bullet. She was taken to hospital and died a short time later.

Mobile phone footage purporting to be from the scene shows at least two shots being fired before a distant scream is heard.

He added that young people did not comprehend what life would be like if violence were to return to the streets of Northern Ireland.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) had been searching for weapons and ammunition in the...

"We stand here today to mark Lyra's memory in the best way that we can, and that is to dedicate ourselves to peace", she said.

"The prime minister is right to insist that we need to be careful to ensure that we don't allow the creation of a hard border between Northern and Southern Ireland through Brexit to undermine that peace".

Other leading figures from the worlds of politics, journalism, activism and beyond have also united to condemn Ms McKee's murder.

"Lyra McKee was the woman who encouraged me to write", wrote podcast host Stephen Donnan.

Another journalist, Leona O'Neill, was at the scene when she describes a gunman firing "indiscriminately" towards police.

Her last tweet while reporting on the riot: "Derry tonight". She also wrote a book about the "cold case" IRA killing of Robert Bradford, a politician from south Belfast.

In response to McKee's death, Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said: "We can not allow those who want to propagate violence, fear and hate to drag us back to the past". I cannot capture the pain that I feel, nor can I begin to imagine the suffering and heartache of her partner, Sarah, or her family and close friends and colleagues. It is abundantly clear that they do not care who they harm.

"The full and total responsibility for Lyra McKee's death lies with the organization that sent someone out with a gun", he said.

But the detonation of a large auto bomb outside a courthouse in Londonderry in January highlighted the threat still posed by pro-Ireland militants who rejected the Good Friday Agreement. "I would appeal to people, particularly this Easter weekend, to stay calm, I would appeal to people who are intent on violence to draw back, I would appeal to people with influence to use your influence and make sure this is peaceful weekend".

"The senseless murder of Lyra McKee has left a family without a beloved daughter, a sister, an aunt and a great-aunt; so many friends without their confidante", added Ms Canning. "Lyra was a great young journalist, whose commitment to truth was absolute and whose laughter could light up a room".

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