Published: Mon, April 29, 2019
Culture | By Margie Dunn

‘Game of Thrones’ Leak: Photos of Epic Battle of Winterfell Hit Internet

‘Game of Thrones’ Leak: Photos of Epic Battle of Winterfell Hit Internet

The third episode in the final season of "Game Of Thrones" is coming in less than 48 hours and while we gear up for the insane Battle of Winterfell to begin, Here are some things that we are expecting from the Battle.

With that comes the wind-down of the show's key conflict - between those living in its medieval-fantasy society and an army led by the Night King, a blue-eyed humanoid creature from icy wastes in the far north who has the ability to raise and control the dead.

With a land as big as Westeros, Game of Thrones spawns an terrible lot of fan theories, particularly when it comes to the show's final season.

And although they are looking forward to the upcoming Battle Of Winterfell episode, they are also completely anxious about the prospect of any upcoming deaths. We'll see the circle-cross symbol from S1E1 on a door, and when he rips it open he'll find his lovely Other/WW queen in a cell of twisted weirwood roots. Either the White Walkers has breached the castle or the dead down there has come to life. But the trailer has given us a glimpse of the Dragon for GoT S8E3. Well, a popular theory making the rounds makes Winterfell's crypt problem seem like the least of anyone's worries.

One theory that was suggested by reddit user u/qp0n claims that the Night King won't be at the big Battle of Winterfell during the April 28 episode.

BRIENNE OF TARTH: Played by Gwendoline Christie - who also appeared in the recent "Star Wars" films - she was the first woman knighted in the show's Seven Kingdoms. Throughout the eight season of the HBO series, we've given gifted epic battle scenes (The Battle of the Bastards), witnessed some pretty savage and bloody deaths (The Red Wedding), been brought to tears (RIP Hodor), and met characters who are as memorable as they are ruthless - Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, Littlefinger, and Olenna Tyrell to name a few (and there are A LOT). And the Night King probably knows this, too.

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