Published: Wed, May 08, 2019
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New WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions Crowned

New WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions Crowned

Reigns' match against McIntyre, however, was interrupted by The Big Dog's rivals Shane McMahon and Elias of Smackdown.

The "Wild Card Rule" will allow four wrestlers to jump back and forth between Raw and SmackDown Live, and vice versa.

WWE will be beginning their European tour soon and since the schedule for this tour was planned before the Superstar Shakeup and is based on the pre shakeup roster, a number of Raw stars are expected to travel with the Blue Branded Show.

You can view them along with excerpts below to get ready for tonight's episode as we gear up for Roman Reigns already returning to Raw just three weeks into the Superstar Shake-Up.

With this victory, both Daniel Bryan and Rowan become two-time WWE tag team champions, with Bryan previously winning gold alongside Kane as Team Hell No, and of course Rowan alongside Luke Harper as one half of The Bludgeon Brothers.

SmackDown saw Shane McMahon originally announce Bryan and Rowan as the new champions.

As noted, WWE has rescheduled their planned SmackDown Live non-televised live event in Corbin, Kentucky this coming Monday night to October 17th. But he was hell-bent on fulfilling some "unfinished business" on the flagship show and confirmed his appearance. Fox and NBCU are said to be anxious about the lack of bonafide stars in WWE ahead of SmackDown's move in the autumn. Join Jake Barnett for his weekly Smackdown live review as the show airs every Tuesday on USA Network at 7CT/8ET.

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