Published: Thu, May 09, 2019
Sport | By Ruben Hill

Chelsea lose appeal against FIFA-imposed transfer ban

Chelsea lose appeal against FIFA-imposed transfer ban

The London club immediately lodged an appeal and the case was heard by FIFA's appeal committee last month. Now that the final ruling has come against them which means they'll be barred from signing players in the next two transfer windows. "It acted in accordance with the relevant regulations and will appeal the decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport".

The only change to the ban, which was given for breaching rules for signing foreign players under 18 years of age, is that the west London club can sign U16 players from the United Kingdom during the suspension period.

Maurizio Sarri admits Chelsea can not catch up with Manchester City or Liverpool without entering the transfer market amid growing fears the club will be banned from buying players this summer.

There isn't much hope that Chelsea will win the case, but getting a deferment for the duration of the summer transfer window would aid them significantly.

Chelsea are 3rd in the Premier League and 24 points behind table-topping Manchester City and Sarri conceded his team will not be able to make up the ground without at least a couple of recruits.

Chelsea are reported to be demanding a fee in excess of £100m for the player, though Madrid's opening offers have been significantly lower for a player who will be available for free in 2020. "So it's not easy, because the level of the top two is very, very high", Sarri said at a news conference Wednesday after the verdict was announced. I think we have to buy only one or two players.

Interestingly, FIFA opted to slam Chelsea, after carrying out a probe into their transfer deals involving under-18 foreign players.

However, FIFA has signaled a change in policy with new senior lawyers and a different appeals committee chairman since the era of Sepp Blatter's presidency.

Chelsea were given the ban after breaking Federation Internationale de Football Association rules.

The Stamford Bridge outfit were given 90 days to "regularise the situation of the minor players concerned" and the Football Association was also fined £390,000 for letting Chelsea register these players.

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