Published: Sat, May 11, 2019
Sport | By Ruben Hill

Kendrick Perkins rips Celtics’ Kyrie Irving: ‘He was just a bad leader’

Kendrick Perkins rips Celtics’ Kyrie Irving: ‘He was just a bad leader’

Irving, time and time again, told people that he was the reason Boston would be fine in the playoffs, and he couldn't make it happen.

As for what other Celtics players are saying about Kyrie Irving and his poor performance during the Celtics/Milwaukee series, it seems that they're not exclusively blaming him for the loss.

"It's a big confidence (booster) when they put trust in you and also your teammates", Mirotic said.

Giannis Antetokounmpo led the way again, but the star believes the Milwaukee Bucks' bench have been the "difference-makers" against the Boston Celtics. "Some of that is just on us".

"The Bucks have to learn to close out games, they're not at that stage yet". That was the last time they won a conference crown, too, and it came three years after the franchise's only National Basketball Association title. This was the guy who called Danny Ainge and basically gave their draft pick of Robert Williams away to the world.

With its Game 5 loss to the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday night, the Boston Celtics made some history that no team wants to make.

"The Bucks are done".

"We all enjoy playing together", Hill said.

"I don't think anyone was prepared this year in terms of what the circus was going to be like - media, everything, and balancing all that", Brown. "It wasn't easy for him, you know", Smart said. "I think it's over".

But I'm here to tell you that this embarrassment of a season and this thorough no-show against Milwaukee can not possibly be laid solely-or perhaps even primarily-at the feet of Kyrie Irving. Will he be staying with the team or take his talents somewhere else? If not for the injury to Victor Oladipo, this team could have faced the possibility of a first round playoff exit despite home court advantage.

What a ludicrous statement, to boil the Bucks success down to being regular season try-hards is absurd. If he decides to go, I wish nothing but the best for Kyrie. "It was clear throughout a five-game series". This is Kyrie Irving we're talking about it, and he's anxious about coming in and disrupting us. Then, the team regressed to the mean and stumbled to just a fourth place finish in the Eastern Conference.

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