Published: Tue, May 14, 2019
Culture | By Margie Dunn

Palestinian Killed at Israel-Gaza Border During Weekly Demonstration

Palestinian Killed at Israel-Gaza Border During Weekly Demonstration

Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip have warned in recent days of the consequences should Israel fail to abide by its side of the agreement, and implement humanitarian measures.

Both the Erez crossing for passengers and Karm Abu Salem crossing for goods were opened and are now operating in accordance with the previously established mechanisms and timelines. That fighting, which involved Hamas rocket attacks and Israeli airstrikes, left 29 Palestinians and four Israelis dead.

Palestinian officials said Israel had agreed to ease its crippling decade-long blockade of the impoverished enclave in exchange for calm.

The website includes photos of Israel's landscape and short publicity film clips about the diversity of Israeli society.

A Palestinian was killed by Israeli fire during new clashes on the Gaza border Friday, the health ministry in the Hamas-ruled enclave said.

Gazans have held weekly rallies since March 2018, primarily to draw worldwide attention to the dire living conditions.

Earlier in the day, the Gaza Health Ministry said the Israeli army has killed 304 Palestinians and wounded 17,301 others including 3,544 children and 1,168 women, since the beginning of the weekly rally. The protests have often devolved into cycles of cross-border conflicts quickly defused with short-lived truces mediated by Egypt and the United Nations.

A Palestinian man reads verses of the Quran at Al Omari mosque in Gaza City.

She cited "a number of explosions identified in the Gaza Strip, as well as a number of attempts to approach the fence" dividing the besieged coastal territory from Israeli territory.

Contestants from 41 countries walked an orange carpet in Tel Aviv's "Culture Square" on May 12 for the opening ceremony of Eurovision 2019, brushing aside security concerns and calls for a pro-Palestinian boycott.

But critics say it amounts to collective punishment of Gaza's two million residents.

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