Published: Tue, June 04, 2019
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Did James Holzhauer Lose 'Jeopardy'? Monday Results Revealed

Did James Holzhauer Lose 'Jeopardy'? Monday Results Revealed

Unusually for Holzhauer, he was not leading going into Monday's Final Jeopardy, trailing behind contestant Emma Boettcher.

The gamesmanship proved irrelevant when all three players aced Final Jeopardy - correctly asking, "Who is [16th-century English playwright] Kit Marlowe?" - leaving Boettcher, a 27-year-old Chicago librarian, in front of Holzhauer. Holzhauer got the answer right, of course - but, strangely, only wagered $1,399.

According to Holzhauer, one of the biggest edges an National Football League bettor can get in Vegas is to place a futures bet on a team that has a good shot of earning a first-round bye in the playoffs. James departs with $2,464,216, falling short of the regular game earnings record, but with much more in Jeopardy! winnings sure to come in the future.

"I lost to a really top-level competitor", he said about Emma in an interview after her win.

"What a game! Oh, my God", said host Alex Trebek, as a grinning Holzhauer gave Emma a high five.

He combined a savant-like knowledge of the world with a mastery of the buzzer, allowing him to beat opponents to the punch, and adding a gambler's cold-blooded instinct to make big bets.

Holzhauer set some records during his tenure on the long-running game show. The record of $2,520,700 appears safe as Holzhauer won $2,464,220 during his run.

Sexton revealed his answer to Final Jeopardy first; the category was "Shakespearean themes".

Meanwhile, there are other reports today, from the most credible of sources (yes, I'm talking about the New York Times) that come right out and say what happens in the game viewers will see on June 3. "But not all of them have had the guts to actually back it up with a big bet". Instead of betting all or most of his $23,400, Holzhauer reportedly took the unusual (for him) step of a conservative wager, just $1,399. Why? Holzhauer was expected to top that number on Monday's show.

Working in baseball seems to be a pipe dream for now, even after Oakland A's GM Billy Beane told The Washington Post "my first thought when I saw him was: We have to get this guy in baseball".

"The public might not have known my name two months ago, but all the sportsbook managers in Vegas were already familiar with me", Holzhauer told the ActionNetwork.

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