Published: Wed, June 05, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Israeli military says 2 rockets fired at Israel from Syria

Israeli military says 2 rockets fired at Israel from Syria

Syria's official SANA news agency quoted an anonymous military source as saying that the air defenses had "confronted" and "downed the hostile missiles" that were targeting positions in southwestern Damascus at 03:22 am local time (0030 GMT) on Sunday.

The base hit on Sunday night, known as T-4, has been targeted by the Israeli Air Force in the past. However, at least one person was killed and two others injured, Sana reports.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition's war monitor, said Israeli warplanes struck positions and an arms depot of Iranian troops and Lebanon's Hezbollah fighters. "None of the rockets exploded in Israel", the statement also added.

Syrian government forces have seized Israeli and US-made weapons and munitions, including American TOW missiles, left behind by terrorist outfits in the southern parts of the Arab country.

There was no immediate comment from the IDF.

Hezbollah is a Lebanese armed and political group that, along with Iran, supports Syria's President Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian military has mostly absorbed the Israeli strikes, locking its defense systems on incoming fire.

Israel on Sunday claimed to have carried out air strikes in Syria after rockets were fired from the neighbouring country, AFP reported.

The area of the attack was to the south and southwest of Damascus.

According to Israel's television, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he had offered Russian President Vladimir Putin and United States leader Donald Trump to hold that meeting.

Israel has carried out hundreds of air strikes in Syria, a lot of them against what it says are Iranian and Hezbollah targets.

"While we do not make light of Iran's threats, neither are we deterred by them because anyone who tries to hurt us will be hurt far worse", Netanyahu said at the ceremony at Ammunition Hill in Jerusalem, the location of a key battle during the war.

Russian Federation is the most concerned state with ending the military escalation in northern Syria because it signed the Sochi agreement previous year and it supports the regime, he continued, calling on the worldwide community to exert more pressure to end the military escalation.

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