Published: Fri, June 07, 2019
Tech | By Anita Cain

Apple's Approach to Mouse Support for iPad is Wrong

Apple's Approach to Mouse Support for iPad is Wrong

Apple has launched a new version of iTunes.

Every song in your iTunes library will automatically remain part of Apple Music following the eventual upgrade to the Catalina MacOS.

Sidecar, for those unfamiliar, will allow users to use their iPads as a secondary screen for a Mac. This forthcoming version of MacOS is called Catalina, and consumers can access their entire music library, which includes downloaded songs, or tunes that were purchased or burned from a compact disc (CD).

The transformation of iTunes into three separate apps comes with Apple preparing the global launch of an eponymous TV+ later this year.

Any podcasts that you have subscribed to via iTunes will now appear in the new Podcasts app, and audiobooks will be imported into the Apple Books app.

The Cupertino tech company, however, said it will not kill off iTunes for Windows for one simple reason: it won't break iTunes into three different apps for Windows, unlike what it did for macOS. That soon changes, This fall you will be able to do all of that, even pay for apps, right on your Apple Watch.

Apple also announced welcome developments with accessibility, with emphasis on users who can't use their devices utilising traditional input methods (mouse, touch, etc.). In 2000, music lovers listened to music through iPod.

"Its role as a music app has already diminished... what Apple is doing is saying that to succeed in this world it has to specialize in everything - it can't be a generalist".

This week Apple held its annual World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) sharing all of their forthcoming software updates along with a super expensive, high powered Mac Pro.

Backup, restore, and syncing for iPhone/iPad/iPod will move to Finder, which should also afford us an easier drag and drop option when it comes to transferring files. The App Store Review Guidelines makes it clear that those apps and mobile websites that do not comply with the new policy, will be banned from Sep 3, 2019. Though it's always had its own App store, but you always had to browse, select and install apps from your iPhone.

So iTunes is clinging on to life, on the many many Windows machines that exist.

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