Published: Sat, June 08, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

'Trump Baby' blimp takes flight as president returns to Ireland

'Trump Baby' blimp takes flight as president returns to Ireland

Mr Trump said: "The meeting with the Queen was incredible".

"Jeremy Corbyn this afternoon delivered a firebrand speech to anti-Donald Trump protesters in London - obliquely accusing the President of "creating a sense of hate" and fostering racism", The Daily Mail reported.

President Trump, standing alongside Melania, laughed at the comment, before adding: "You could handle it, there's no question!"

Throughout the protest, Trump had pockets of support.

Defending the United States as "clean", the US President Donald Trump in a discussion with Prince Charles about climate change and the environment, faulted India, China and Russian Federation for air and water pollution.

Demonstrators filled Trafalgar Square and spilled down Whitehall, a street lined with imposing government offices, before marching half a mile to Parliament.

Many paused to take pictures of a robotic likeness of Trump sitting on a golden toilet, reciting catchphrases including "No collusion" and "You are fake news".

"But overall, by Donald Trump's standards, he didn't say or do anything I think that anybody could view to be outrageous".

On day two, Mr Trump attended a breakfast business meeting and press conference with prime minister Theresa May.

The world watched agog as American glitz met royal splendour, with the elegant spectacle seeming to bestow a layer of credibility upon a President and family often caricatured as the vulgar nouveau riche.

Trump and his wife Melania arrived on Monday for a three-day state visit that included a banquet hosted by Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.

People hold a protest in Dublin, Ireland, June 6, 2019.

He also claimed, exaggeratedly, that there had been "thousands of people on the streets cheering" as he left Buckingham Palace.

He was also sat next to the Queen at the D-Day commemorations at Southsea Common in Portsmouth on Wednesday.

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