Published: Sun, June 09, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

TARIFFS WORK: Mexico Blocks New Caravan of Central Americans

TARIFFS WORK: Mexico Blocks New Caravan of Central Americans

The operation took in Chiapas was coincided with a high-level delegation meeting between the Mexican and the United States officials on Wednesday at the White House to reach an agreement on the immigration issue that would prevent the imposition of tariffs on Mexican exports threatened by President Donald Trump last week.

"I would love to see them do more on their border with Guatemala", Provost said when asked what Mexico could agree to that would help stem the tide of migrants arriving in the US.

The incident came as a high-level delegation led by Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard held talks in Washington with U.S. officials in a bid to avoid Trump's threatened tariffs. Trump said last month he'd scale up the duties incrementally until they reach 25 per cent on october 1 if Mexico doesn't stop migrants from entering the U.S. This is mostly to migrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras fleeing poverty and violence in their countries.

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said Thursday he will travel to the border city of Tijuana on Saturday to "defend the dignity of Mexico" in the face of U.S. tariff threats.

Trump announced the tariffs in retaliation for what he called Mexico's failure to stop Central American migrants from reaching the USA border.

Another report in the Washington Post suggests Mexico has offered to station 6,000 soldiers at its border with Guatemala, but officials have yet to confirm that proposal.

During the meeting, the sources said, Mexico would press the United States to curb the flow of weapons and ammunition sold illegally across the USA border to powerful and violent criminal Mexican gangs, a longstanding Mexican complaint.

This spring, tens of thousands of children have come to the US-Mexico border alone seeking asylum.

The INM said that where applicable, the detained migrants would be "assisted to return to their countries of origin" - its term for deportation.

Federal police have also been deployed to prevent migrants from getting on the train, known as the La Bestia or the Beast, that travels north toward the US border.

State and local police accompanied the migrants Wednesday as they walked along a highway leading from the border to the first major city in Mexico, Tapachula.

Since April 2018, Trump has lashed out at the caravans of Central Americans wending their way to the United States, while blaming Mexico for failing to stop their movement to the USA border.

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