Published: Mon, June 10, 2019
Tech | By Anita Cain

Apex Legends confirms next character is Wattson and... hints at dragons?

Apex Legends confirms next character is Wattson and... hints at dragons?

Since the release of its battle royale mode in September 2017, Fortnite has gone on to amass almost 250 million registered players across the globe, according to a report in Engadget, while Apex Legends had 50 million players as of March 2019.

Lore-wise, Wattson is the daughter of the Apex Games' lead electrical engineer, and spent her whole life growing up in the arena she helped him create.

In addition to the new Legend offering up a refreshing playstyle, there's going to be a new mode of play- a Rank Mode.

According to her character page, Wattson is a Static Defender who uses electrical gizmos to hinder opponents and support teammates at the same time.

There's also a new weapon called the L-Star.

"Starting in Season 2, you'll be able to complete a mix of Daily and Weekly Challenges to level up your Battle Pass", Respawn confirms.

With the release of a new trailer to mark the announcement, Respawn has launched a month-long special Apex Legends event; the Legendary Hunt.

Developers Respawn Entertainment gabbed plenty about Wattson during today's livestream, showing how her pylon abilities work. Her ultimate, called Interception Pylon, is a building that rains down grenades. The date was confirmed at EA Play 2019. This energy machine gun hits hard with hefty projectiles that pack a serious punch, but this power comes with a price - sustained fire causes the L-STAR to overheat and briefly stop working, so you'll have to master its rhythm to make full use of it. This passive allows Ultimate Accelerants to fully charge her ultimate, and standing near interception pylons will boost Tactical Ability recharge. Players can level up to 100 much quicker than in the first season. Finally, win two queue matches (again, this doesn't have to be consecutive wins), and you can get the Legendary Tamed Beast Triple Take skin. Players will gain rewards based on what tier they are at the end of each season.

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