Published: Wed, June 12, 2019
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Marvel's Avengers Video Game Trailer Reaction

Marvel's Avengers Video Game Trailer Reaction

It remains to be seen if the listing is simply a placeholder in case a port gets announced, or if the retailer has more concrete insider information.

The new Avengers game was one of the mot anticipated titles being shown at E3, but a number of factors have left those excited for the game underwhelmed after watching the reveal. Five years later, they come back together to fight against a rising threat.

According to Crystal Dynamics' Senior Community and Social Media Manager Meagan Marie, Marvel's Avengers "delivers a narrative over multiple years, with exciting new content released at a regular basis". Many of its beloved heroes and anti-heroes appear across the Marvel films, including the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow.

MCU fans can rejoice as Avengers have assembled not for a movie but for the game which you can play on Xbox or PlayStation.

We finally know when the Avengers are assembling on our gaming consoles.

The trailer starts with A-Day, where the Avengers have opened a headquarters in San Francisco.

The obvious absence in all of this?

This is not an adapted story from any comic book storyline or film. On the day they are planning to unveil it, dubbed A-Day, a series of tragic events kick off that shift society's views on superheroes.

Marvel's Avengers invites players to live their Super Hero dreams.

Fast forward 5 years, the Avengers have disbanded after society deemed them unsafe murderers.

Given the huge success of Marvel's Spider-Man on PS4, there's an unsurprisingly high level of excitement about Marvel's Avengers.

There was a hell of a lot of hype when Square Enix announced it was creating a video game based off the Avengers movie franchise. A game created to be "delivered over multiple years" with a heavy co-operative component doesn't sound like a conventional one-and-done campaign experience.

It'll have four player online play, which is pretty cool, and the roster of heroes will, apparently, continue to grow.

One last note: it's coming out for all the above systems, but PlayStation owners will get some extras, including early beta access. Pre-orders are already available on Square Enix's website.

Do you hate loot boxes like everyone else on this planet?

Marvel's Avengers When can I play it? ATB returns in the game, and charges with more combo attacks.

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