Published: Wed, June 12, 2019
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Michael Gove: Cocaine 'mistake' a 'deep regret'

Michael Gove: Cocaine 'mistake' a 'deep regret'

But Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he was "unconcerned about Michael Gove's past life or behaviour", while leadership rival Dominic Raab said his admission should not prevent him from running to be the next prime minister.

Michael Gove (far left) is one of the contenders to replace Theresa May.

But Michael Gove's hopes of charming the party faithful may have been dented after he was accused of hypocrisy over his cocaine use when he was a journalist.

He replied: "That became once when I became once 19".

The Environment Secretary said "drugs wreck lives" and his cocaine use was a "mistake which I profoundly regret". "In fact, I may have been doing icing sugar". The point I made in the article is that if any of us lapse sometimes from standards that we uphold, that is human'. It became once a mistake.

When asked if he had declared his drug use on his Esta acquire for entry into the United States, below the visa waiver map, he spoke back: "I build no longer judge that I surely acquire ever, on any occasion, didn't uncover the truth about this when asked straight".

The former justice secretary said: "I have seen it close up and I have also seen it in the work that I have done as a politician". Certainly when I was working as a journalist I didn't imagine I would go into politics or public service.

"I didn't act with an check up on to that".

He said: "The question now is that people should look at my record as a politician and ask themselves 'is this person we see ready to lead now?"

"I have seen the damage drugs can do to others and that is why I deeply regret the decisions I took", he added.

While Gove pleaded on TV for a chance to prove himself, Johnson, who set out his ideas in an interview in the Sunday Times, was enjoying the support of self-styled "Brexit hard man" Steve Baker, a key member of the anti-EU caucus of Tory MPs, and Priti Patel, another prominent pro-Brexit Tory.

However if he makes it to the last two, rank and file Tories could presumably presumably no longer reasonably be in a position to forgive his previous misdemeanours.

The US visa rules require the applicant to answer whether they have ever violated laws related to the possession, distribution, and usage of illegal drugs. The Tory membership is Conservative by determine and conservative by nature.

Yet whilst several other candidates have admitted to drug taking, it is Gove who has been worst hit by the issue.

However, appearing on Have I Got News For You in 2005, the Prime Minister hopeful said: "I think I was once given cocaine, but I sneezed and so it did not go up my nose".

Tory peer Baroness Warsi was among the political figures calling for him to quit the race, the Daily Mirror says.

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