Published: Fri, June 14, 2019
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Hungary tourist boat accident: Bodies found as vessel is raised

Hungary tourist boat accident: Bodies found as vessel is raised

The plan involves lifting the Mermaid with the floating crane and placing it on a long barge. At least 20 people died in the May 29 accident when a larger sightseeing vessel collided with the Mermaid, a small boat carrying mostly South Korean tourists, on the Danube river.

FOUR more bodies have been recovered after rescue crews raised a sunken tour boat from Budapest's Danube River.

Seven of the 35 people on board were rescued and several bodies quickly recovered, but others were swept away in the swollen river or trapped inside the boat.

At one point, a member of the rescue crew fell into the fast-flowing water and had to be rescued after nearly being swept away.

The boat will then be handed over to police investigating the collision.

Seven passengers were rescued from the river and taken to hospital following the accident, and a further seven people were confirmed dead that night.

Divers were searching the boat for more victims.

Authorities said recovery efforts had been hampered by higher than normal water levels on the Danube, rapid river flow and poor visibility in the water for divers.

According to agency's sources, the relatives of the four victims arrived at Incheon airport on Monday morning and carried out with them the urns containing the ashes of their loved ones. Crews possess struggled to assess how much atomize the 70-twelve months-historical boat sustained within the collision, salvage experts acknowledged.

The wreck of the Mermaid will be taken to a secure location and examined by police, who have launched a criminal investigation.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in had also instructed officials to "dispatch a rapid response team to Hungary immediately".

The Ukrainian captain of the larger boat, the Viking Sigyn, has been held on suspicion of endangering water transport, although he denies he did anything wrong.

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