Published: Tue, June 18, 2019
Tech | By Anita Cain

US chipmakers quietly lobby to ease Huawei ban

US chipmakers quietly lobby to ease Huawei ban

Ren said the company would regain its momentum and emerge stronger from the ordeal. Huawei does about half its smartphone business internationally, and with 206 million phones sold in total in 2018, this would work out to about 40 million to 60 million sales lost.

Washington also has pressured allied countries not to buy Huawei equipment and banned US government agencies from acquiring the gear.

The exec also said Huawei is willing to sign a "no-backdoor agreement" with the world if necessary, adding that his company doesn't implant backdoors in products.

The CEO, however, said Huawei will not cut research and development spending despite the expected hit from the ban to the company's finances and would not have large-scale layoffs.

U.S. officials have accused Chinese technology companies such as Huawei of stealing trade secrets and threatening cybersecurity - possibly at the behest of the ruling Communist Party. An Honor spokesperson said that the Honor 20 will go on sale in the United Kingdom on June 21st while noting that the Honor 20 Pro managed to move 1 million units in China over the course of 14 days.

Washington claims Huawei poses a national security threat because it is beholden to China's ruling Communist Party. Huawei did not respond to a request for comment.

"We simply have no channel of communication", Liang told reporters earlier this month.

In this photo taken on 27 May 2019, a Huawei logo is displayed at a retail store in Beijing. Administration officials say they fear Huawei could tap into and monitor sensitive US communications through its network technology.

Huawei's response underscores its recognition of its waning influence with the Trump administration, which has launched a global campaign against the company, analysts said. "It is in a really bad position in the U.S. Nobody is looking out to do Huawei a favor".

Huawei had reported revenue of $US104.16b ($NZ159.9b) last year and said a few months ago it expected revenue this year to jump to $125b. But the company often made it seem like it could weather the us ban somewhat easily. The latter includes alternatives to both Android and Windows, and while it's hard to believe either will be ready, let alone viable, anytime soon, this USA action has clearly accelerated those efforts.

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