Published: Fri, July 05, 2019
Culture | By Margie Dunn

South Korea: 'Complete denuclearization' of North Korea remains the goal

South Korea: 'Complete denuclearization' of North Korea remains the goal

"It speaks to the reality that the United States is practically more and more hell-bent on the hostile acts against the DPRK, though talking about the DPRK-U.S. dialogue", it continued.

Talk of a nuclear freeze rose significantly after a New York Times report that USA officials may abandon their goal of getting North Korea to completely give up its nuclear programs.

The delegation's remarks come in response to a joint letter sent by the US, France, Germany and the United Kingdom to all UN member states that called for further sanctions on Pyongyang, the BBC reported.

He said he told Trump during their tour of the Demilitarized Zone that half of South Korea's population of more than 50 million and more than 100,000 Americans live in the Seoul area, which is just 35 miles south of the border.

Last month the U.S., backed by dozens of allies, told a council sanction committee North Korea had breached the annual cap set by the United Nations of 500,000 barrels, which was imposed in December 2017.

South Korean President Moon Jae In said Tuesday that this weekend's meeting between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was the "start of an era of peace", countering skepticism by many experts who described it as a made-for-TV moment that lacked substance. But last month Russian Federation and China blocked the sanctions committee from declaring that Pyongyang breached the annual import limit.

First, it said, the USA and 23 other countries sent a letter to the U.N. Security Council committee monitoring sanctions on North Korea demanding urgent action "under the absurd pretext of 'excess in the amount of refined petroleum imported'".

North Korea's state media described Kim's meeting with Trump as "an incredible event" and that both leaders expressed great satisfaction over the result of their talks.

The North Korean Mission also had a message for the other 192 U.N. member nations.

It also said all countries "will have to keep vigilance against deliberate attempts by the United States to undermine the peaceful atmosphere that has been created on the Korean peninsula in no easy way".

Following Sunday's meeting between Kim and Trump, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that a new round of denuclearization talks would most likely happen "sometime in July ... probably in the next two or three weeks", and that North Korea's negotiators would be Foreign Ministry diplomats.

For the Trump-Kim meeting to be seen as an agreement on ending the war, there should have been messages regarding a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula, said Shin Beom-chul, director of the Center for Security and Unification at the Asan Institute for Policy Studies.

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