Published: Thu, July 11, 2019
Tech | By Anita Cain

Android Q will finally enable pull-down gesture for notification bar

Android Q will finally enable pull-down gesture for notification bar

The focus with this version of the beta software is on gestural navigation, and one of the big tweaks Google has made here is with how users will be able to use gestures to open up Google Assistant. Google's new back gesture (swipe in from the sides) looked like it would break navigation drawers in apps, but Google has a new peek behavior in Beta 5 that signals to users when they are interacting with the drawer rather than triggering the back gesture.

Fans of testing out buggy or unstable versions of Google applications, which would be the greater part of readers here at Android Police, will be excited to hear that Google is revealing a testing program for the Messages application (née Android Messages).

Google has released a public beta of its new Messages app (formerly known as Android Messages). Now, users can access the Assistant by swiping up from the bottom of the left or right corners. It should also allow for a more visually pleasing design.

The company is also changing the way navigation drawers can be accessed in apps to make sure it doesn't conflict with the new swipe-to-go-back in the new gestural navigation system.

The ability to swipe down in the home screen to see the notification shade has been present in custom ROMs like MIUI, OxygenOS etc. and launcher apps for quite some time, and it's very handy, especially on large smartphones, because reaching the notification shade on the top is just tough.

Google has already brought several new OS features with Android Q beta updates. The company said that in beta 6, Google will automatically switch to the classic 3-button navigation system when users are using a third-party launcher.

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