Published: Sun, July 14, 2019
Tech | By Anita Cain

Amazon Reportedly Has New Echo Coming In 2020 With Better Sound

Amazon Reportedly Has New Echo Coming In 2020 With Better Sound

During a demo, an engineer is said to have summoned the robot with his voice.

The two gadgets are being created by Amazon Lab126, an innovative work arm situated in Sunnyvale, California.

The Echo, which went on sale in 2015, will get 63% of the US market this year, as per EMarketer.

TIDAL is one such service which aimed to tackle the offering of higher fidelity tracks and music streaming, and while higher quality streaming music certainly has a niche consumer base it still doesn't have almost the amount of subscribers that Spotify, Play Music, or Apple Music have, so it's a wonder if Amazon will be able to pull off such a service in a more successful way.

The current Echo and Echo Plus now sit between low-priced, yet small smart speakers like its own Echo Dot, and the Google Home Mini, and larger, more expensive models like Apple's HomePod, the Google Home Max, and the Sonos One. Google has done quite well for itself with a market share of 31 percent. The HomePod isn't selling just as Apple expected, and the organization as of late dropped the cost.

"People familiar with the project" tell Gurman the prototypes are approximately waist-high, and navigate the home with the aid of an array of computer-vision cameras. Audio quality isn't all that great on Echo speakers - a point competitors like Google Nest Hub, Sonos, and Apple's HomePod all like to point out in their marketing.

First up, we have a new, high-end version of the Echo smart speaker.

Amazon typically holds big product reveal events at its Seattle headquarters in September.

In addition to a higher quality speaker with better audio Amazon is also said to be planning a release of a new version of its music streaming service that would offer high-fidelity music tracks to pair up with the new speaker that comes with better quality sound components.

An Amazon representative declined to comment.

Amazon originally meant to reveal the robot, known internally as "Vesta", as early as this year, but the machine isn't ready to be mass-produced, the people said. At the very least, that signals Amazon hasn't given up on a home robot making it to market. It could fall in line with other consumer robotic assistants' skill sets, such as offering the day's weather and news, allowing users to control other Alexa-enabled devices in their home or potentially acting as a base of operations for anyone looking to connect with friends and family members by way of voice or video calls. In an interior showing, an architect brought the machine with his voice.

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