Published: Mon, July 15, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

This Week: Mueller Testimony Might Be Delayed Another Week

This Week: Mueller Testimony Might Be Delayed Another Week

Mueller had to testify before the Congress on July 17 to present a report on Russian election interference, Efe news.

The hearing on statehood will mark the first time in roughly a quarter-century that the issue receives a formal review from a House committee.

Judiciary Committee members balked at the unofficial, earlier arrangement for Mueller, because numerous panel's less senior lawmakers would not get time to ask questions.

That now appears to be on hold, according to congressional sources familiar with the discussions. It's unclear whether the deputies, now private citizens, will appear. To prepare for next week's high stakes hearing with Mueller, some Democratic members and staff are watching old video of his previous testimony.

"You're disenfranchising everyone", Georgia Rep. Doug Collins, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee said Friday. Many people have chalked this up to Mueller's by-the-book personality and his obvious desire not to get caught up in the partisan whirlwind that has developed around the report and the ongoing question of whether or not to begin impeachment proceedings against the President.

Mueller and House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler have been negotiating the framework of the hearing for weeks and announced yesterday that the special counsel's testimony, initially scheduled for next Wednesday, July 17, would last no more than two hours.

Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff, chairmen of the Judiciary Committee and Intelligence Committee respectively, will allow lawmakers more time to question Mueller. The delay would be in exchange for more time for questioning.

One of the people said the hearing would be delayed a week.

Republicans spent Thursday and Friday blasting Democrats for reaching a deal that did not allow all committee members to question the former special counsel. "They want to go to it again and again and again because they want to hurt the president before the election".

However, the source said that the final plans and format for Mueller's testimony are still not set in stone and could change.

"I have been elected just like anyone else here", said Arizona Rep.

That concern was particularly acute for the 41-member Judiciary Committee.

Of Trump's efforts to derail the investigation, Mueller said the report did not clear Trump of criminal wrongdoing, adding that investigators were effectively blocked from bringing charges because of long-standing Justice Department policy that prohibits the criminal prosecution of sitting presidents. That person also declined to be named because the committee had not announced it.

"This committee got rolled", he said.

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