Published: Wed, July 17, 2019
Tech | By Anita Cain

Apple Stops Selling Lower-Priced iPhone Models in India

Apple Stops Selling Lower-Priced iPhone Models in India

Two years ago, a viral video on Twitter claimed to show an iPhone 7 Plus catching fire.

"I was right here on the bed and the phone managed to burn through this blanket and make these holes", Ramos said.

Apple has reportedly taken four of its lower-priced smartphones off the shelves, including the entry-level iPhone SE, along with other models such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

The following day, the girls' mother - Maria Adata called the Apple support to inform about the instance and she was asked to send images of it and ship the phone to the retailer.

Upon being contacted, Apple has suggested that it will look into the matter and will definitely replace the smartphone.

Kayla Ramos, the 11-year old from California states that her iPhone 6 suddenly caught fire.

Apple official later told ABC News that several factors may cause a phone to overheat, including the use of any unauthorized products like charging cables.

Last year, Apple reduced the number of distributors in India from five to two and made a decision to give discounts to premium iPhone units.

"Cupertino does not want Apple India to chase volumes by discounting at the cost of profit", said a leading trade partner of Apple. With the launch of every new iPhone, the prices of older iPhones drop and give some consumers a chance to be a part of Apple's ecosystem - a well-received practice in India. An iPhone going up in flame is even less common but that is the gist in town now. Perhaps that will help them to reduce the price of iPhone 6s in India. The discontinuation of the iPhone SE and iPhone 6 in the country could mean that the plants will be used to expand the production of newer iPhone models.

Apple is reported to be ceasing sales of the iPhone SE, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 6s Plus in India. This is after the existing stock of iPhones is over.

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