Published: Sat, July 20, 2019
Tech | By Anita Cain

Huawei's Homegrown Operating System Isn't Meant to Be an Android Alternative

Huawei's Homegrown Operating System Isn't Meant to Be an Android Alternative

Catherine Chen, board member and VP at the company, stated the OS was never meant to replace Android - it is developed for business uses and IoT. There is also the question of whether USA companies would be banned from using Hongmeng under a US blacklisting of Huawei products.

According to Chen, Huawei trademarked the name HongMeng for industrial use, more specifically, for IoT and that the OS has actually been in development for a long time.

Speaking to Yahoo Finance, Kevin Ho, president of Huawei's handsets business, said the company is counting on the idea that the USA government will approve Google's request. It's not clear yet whether or not Google will acquire a 90-day license to work with Huawei, but Huawei recently announced that Android Q will come to some of its higher-end devices. Hua later stated that he wasn't sure if Hongmeng could be deployed as a smartphone OS in the future, Technode reports.

VP Andrew Williamson had revealed a few weeks ago that they are developing a potential replacement for Android and it will be prepared to make a switch in a few months from then.

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei has already confirmed Huawei smartphone sales were down by at least 40 million units following the USA trade ban against it. "The Hongmeng system also has extreme low latency compared with a smartphone operating system", Xinhua news agency cited the executive as saying. She also said that Huawei intends to continue using Android, although the report did not provide further details. It was previously reported as an alternative to Google's Android. The move also applies to services and software, affecting Huawei's continued use of Microsoft Windows in laptops and desktop computers, as well as Android in mobile phones and tablet computers.

Losing Android would be a huge blow for Huawei, considering it's the most popular mobile operating system in the world.

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