Published: Wed, July 24, 2019
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Love Island uproar - and Maura's in the thick of it

Love Island uproar - and Maura's in the thick of it

Jordan's head has been turned by India.

But fans already have come up with two theories - either Jordan is getting revenge from when Anna ditched him for Ovie Soko in Casa Amor or it's a challenge which him and Anna are in on.

'I said she needs to get to know him and give him a chance.

'The only thing I think of is opening up more but I don't have any regrets'.

Francesca's highlights include watching Jordan and Anna become a couple and celebrating by diving into the pool with the other islanders.

"She was always on my mind and I will try to speak to her".

She said: "Belle and Anton. Is it genuine the way he feels about me?"

"I feel like over the past couple of days I've had a few good conversations with India", he says.

'And ending things in a couple with Francesca - I never realised how amusing she was until that re-coupling'.

Curtis then asked: "Do you think there is anything wrong in your relationship with Anna?".

'I think I would confide in my friends more as a result'.

'I did think about Joanna every day that she wasn't there. "Why am I thinking this now?" "If you are truly feeling something for someone else, it's better to explore that now than in a year's time".

Jordan's shock revelation about liking India came just one day after he made Anna his girlfriend by taking her to all the places in the villa they'd shared a memorable moment, for example their first kiss and where they sat when she chose to recouple with him. "It's definitely something I'm going to process in my head and decide what to do in due course".

Jordan tells Curtis: "I think I've confirmed the location of my head..."

Curtis says "I've been speaking with Jordan. He has feelings for India".

Maura is startled and says: "Sorry, what?". However, Maura tells Anna immediately.

It all started at the beginning of the episode when Jordan and India were talking about their favourite foods in the kitchen.

The former flight attendant quit the show after Curtis Pritchard ended their romance and later got together with Maura Higgins.

Maura then told Anna what she heard when she saw Jordan take India for a chat, saying: "He's cracking on with India. I don't believe this!"

She explained: "I keep being really surprised by Jordan and Anna being near the bottom of the vote".

We're still angling for Maura and Curtis to win* despite the fact that he did the exact same thing. "He's pulled her for a chat right now".

Anna gets up and heads straight over to Jordan and India's conversation at the sun deck to get answers and it looks like it's all about to kick off.

Molly-Mae receives a text, which reads "Islanders".

It reads: "Islanders. The Hideaway is open tonight". You're different now that I know you.

Curtis teases: "I wish we could spend longer in here".

That evening, Chris asks Harley for a chat to finally resolve the drama between the pair.

Tune in to Love Island on ITV2 at 9pm tonight to find out.

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