Published: Sat, July 27, 2019
Tech | By Anita Cain

Google’s Gallery Go is a lightweight alternative to Google Photos

Google’s Gallery Go is a lightweight alternative to Google Photos

Google has already launched a range of lightweight apps meant for use in regions with limited internet access, and today it continued that trend by launching Gallery Go.

Announced during the search engine's Google for Nigeria event, Gallery Go automatically organises photos into different categories. Download Gallery Go by Google Photos here to check it out. "And at just 10 MB, the app won't slow down your phone and leaves space to store more memories", part of the blog post reads. Feel free to share your thoughts with the rest of us in the comments section, as usual.

"Gallery Go was created to work offline, to help you manage your photos using less data". In Gallery Go, you're at the mercy of Google's automatic organization with no way to search for a specific type of picture.

The new app launch comes soon after the company updated the standard Photos app. Google Photos has been updated to be more dynamic as it will now showcase better auto-generated stories with moving images, and an overall cleaner look. Sure, Google Photos retain the quality but it can be hard to sort.

The application requires Android 8.1 or higher.

Gallery Go is light but it does the job efficiently. While Gallery Go does have filters and tools for cropping/rotating, you won't find manual sliders for things like exposure, highlights, saturation, warmth, etc. For that, the app suggests that you should open the regular Google Photos app.

Google Photos has quickly rocketed to the one billion user milestone, about four years after it was spun out of Google+. Just note the app isn't available yet in all countries. Believe it or not, Gallery Go is only 10MB.

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