Published: Sun, July 28, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Two Americans charged for death of Italian police officer

Two Americans charged for death of Italian police officer

Only one of the men is accused of stabbing the officer, but both admit to taking part in the fracas, police said.

Vice-Brigadier Rega had been married handiest 43 days and had returned from his honeymoon appropriate this week.

One of them had confessed to the killing but said that he did not realise that Cerciello was a police officer because both the officers involved were in plain clothes, according to Italian media reports, citing the police.

Both teenagers were also being investigated for attempted extortion.

The funeral of Brigadier Cerciello Rega is to be held on Monday in the city of Somma Vesuviana, in the shadow of Mount Vesuvius, at the same church where he was married less than two months ago.

Parents with their children left bouquets of flowers at the bloodstained site. After being interrogated, they admitted involvement in Rega's death.

Authorities vowed that justice would be done.

Matteo Salvini, Italy's far right interior minister, expressed his condolences over the officer's death. There are no provisions for forced labor in prison in Italy, according to news agency DPA.

The killing shocked Italy and prompted tributes from across the country.

The judge has not ruled if they will be kept in jail beyond an initial three-day period.

Suspects deemed a flight risk are often denied release.

The Washington Post could not immediately reach Natale Hjorth and Elder, nor their lawyers.

Two Americans have been arrested in Rome after confessing to the stabbing death of a policeman who been investigating a theft, Italian police said Saturday.

The young men were high school classmates in Mill Valley, a wealthy suburb 16 kilometres north of San Francisco en route to the famed redwood trees in Muir Woods National Park. He continuously helped each person. The Americans in a phone call, the police contend, "threatened to not give it back to him without payment of 100 euros and a gram of cocaine".

The police officer used to be taken to health center but died of his accidents. The owner of the bag called the phone and reached the Americans, who then made the ransom demand.

The police statement said surveillance footage and witness testimonies had allowed the Capitoline Investigative Unit to identify the two responsible for the "heinous crime".

Officers found a large knife hidden in the false ceiling of their hotel room and seized clothing that the pair were thought to have been wearing on the night of the murder.

Elder is reportedly the main suspect, and police say that he confessed to the stabbing after being faced with "hard evidence".

Police also noted that the Americans had stolen a backpack from an Italian citizen shortly before the murder. Knox was 20 and studying overseas in Perugia when she was charged with her roommate's stabbing.

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