Published: Tue, July 30, 2019
Tech | By Anita Cain

16-Year-Old Teen is Fortnite World Cup's First Solo Player Champion

16-Year-Old Teen is Fortnite World Cup's First Solo Player Champion

Asked how her son might spend the prize money, she said: "I think Jaden's not really a materialistic person".

Kids, teenagers and adults: the next time someone tells you gaming is a "waste of time" or "nothing good can come out of playing games", tell them the following story of 16-year-old Kyle Giersdorf.

It was a clear win for Bugha, who finished with almost double the points of the second-place finisher. In March, it was revealed the game has more than 250 million players worldwide.

The Championship Series will be Fortnite's first step into league competition, with initial participation likely to be open to any of the game's 200 million players. It will allow players to compete across seasons and for everyone else to follow their favorite players as they progress either up or down the leaderboard. At 24, he was the oldest player remaining on the final day of competition.

A 15-year-old British boy earned $1.25m (£1m) by finishing second in the debut Fortnite World Cup in NY on Saturday.

Epic Games - Fortnite's creators - have spent a whopping $100 million on the inaugural event, including staging 10 weeks of qualifying culminating in this weekend's tournament. When Tiger Woods won the Masters in the spring, he took home $2 million.

A team called Fish Fam took the biggest share of the prize money, walking away with $1.3 million. He was delighted but admitted his mother had often felt he was wasting his life playing computer games.

The pair were narrowly beaten in the duos event of the online shooter game contest by Norwegian Emil Bergquist Pedersen and Austrian David W. To even secure a place in the World Cup, Krueger had to beat 40 million other players.

More than 30 nations were represented, though the United States held the majority with 70 players.

Everyone who participated in the games on Sunday, including those who placed last with no points at all, takes home at least $50,000 for playing. According a report by Techcrunch, Epic Games - the company behind Fortnite - had earned a profit of $3 billion in 2018.

Having a high position is often a decisive advantage, especially in the closing stages of the game, making it easier to shoot other players.

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