Published: Thu, August 01, 2019
Tech | By Anita Cain

Google are already teasing new tech in video for Google Pixel 4

Google are already teasing new tech in video for Google Pixel 4

The Pixel 4 may still be months away from launching, but Google can't stop previewing its Android flagship's features - and confirming new and innovative hardware along the way.

Google has officially confirmed that the upcoming Pixel 4 smartphones will come with two new features: motion sense and face unlock.

The firm has been working for five years on a motion-sensing radar called Soli, which it says will enable the Pixel 4 to detect the user's face faster and in "almost any orientation", even if it's being held upside down. Thanks to Soli, Pixel 4 recognizes the user's face and unlocks itself in a more streamlined way.

You'll be able to use it for simple controls, like switching songs or apps, which makes it sound a lot like the LG G8's Hand ID gesture control.

The company says that the face unlock feature will work in nearly any orientation-even if you're holding it upside down. Looks like we were correct as a company spokesperson confirmed that they were indeed doing "field research" to improve its algorithms and therefore improving the accuracy of their face unlocking features. Today, Google took it a step further by revealing some features that have been in the rumor mill for a while. Google says Motion Sense will be available in select Pixel countries.

The Pixel 4 will also support face unlock, a feature similar to the one on the iPhone - though Google insists that it is engineered differently. Google says the company will introduce new capabilities for the Motion Sense experience in the future.

Apple's Face ID feature on the iPhone only works when the iPhone is vertical, with the TrueDepth camera system at the top of the phone.

Google is expected to launch Pixel 4 in October. Most probably, the Pixel 4 will be shipping with the forthcoming Android Q operating system by default, which also promises new security and privacy features.

Aside from the various sensors for capturing the face, the usual second front-facing camera is noticeably absent. While the company already shared a few renders, Pixel 4 leaks continue to pour in. It'll also work regardless of the angle you're holding the Pixel 4 at.

Google also made it clear that face unlock's facial recognition technology is all processed on your device, so the image data never leaves your phone. Instead, the data will be stored on the security chip called the Titan M which is built right into the phone.

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