Published: Fri, August 02, 2019
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The best reactions to the heartbreaking Bachelorette finale

The best reactions to the heartbreaking Bachelorette finale

"I think we need to be friends and see where life takes us".

While Hannah may have made her choice, there were signs throughout Season 15 that Tyler was victor material.

After getting down on one knee and proposing to the pageant victor, it was revealed that Jed had actually been withholding information from Hannah regarding his relationship status prior to the show.

"I'm starting a "Not-Wives-Yet Club" with my single girlfriends and you can join it with us", Tanya told Hannah.

Ultimately, Wyatt said his experience on the show "absolutely will affect how I am as a person".

When she came face to face with Tyler, Brown admitted that she still had feelings for him and boldly asked if he would go out for a drink with her.

Unsure of her decision, Hannah stopped the auto on the way, got out and tripped and fell in the street as a single producer came to her aide, which she refused. But it's about how Hannah bounced back and reinforced the resolve we saw from her all season long that land her among the most likable leads we've seen, and not just because she's a hometown girl.

Hannah confronted Jed over the report, and he tried to claim that the relationship wasn't serious, and that he didn't understand the meaning of love until he met Hannah. He said that Stevens was sad that he was leaving and he said he was drunk when he told Stevens that he loved her, though he said it's not an excuse.

"First and foremost, from the bottom of my heart, I want you to know that I'm sorry". He also told Brown that he ended the relationship in his head, but never officially to Stevens. Although the proposal and filming happened months ago, as it played out on ABC, the true Jed was revealed in the media.

"When he sang his proposal to was brutal", Cuoco lamented.

"It was the first time Jed said anything to me about another woman", Hannah explained.

"You probably kept reassuring her, 'It's a music thing, you don't have to worry, '" Hannah fumed.

"It's hard to answer that right now", Hannah said. "If I gotta pick you up, I'd be happy to pick you up". I knew they'd be disappointed. "The engagement's over. We are not together", she said, as the audience roared their approval. And as he continued to talk to me, it just made me more angry.

"I don't have a song, but I'd like to say some stuff", she said. "I really could see myself being ready for an engagement with any of the four men here", Hannah said (via People).

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