Published: Sat, August 10, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Hundreds freed after record USA immigration raids

Hundreds freed after record USA immigration raids

USA immigration officials say they have temporarily released about 300 people who were arrested in a massive raid in ms on Wednesday.

"As part of HSI procedures pursuant to this operation, if HSI encountered two alien parents with minor children at home, HSI released one of the parents on humanitarian grounds and returned that individual to the place from which they were arrested", the Justice Department said in a statement, according to the New York Post. Others who were not released were put on buses and driven across the state border to Louisiana, where there are more detention beds. Last year, the company agreed to pay a $3.75 million settlement to resolve a federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawsuit the agency filed on behalf of workers in 2011, according to an EEOC release.

Speaking to reporters outside a plant in Canton, Mississippi, Mayor William Truly Jr. said he was concerned about the impact the arrests would have on the local economy - and on the community. He says the raids are nothing more than an excuse to target people based on race - a claim government officials deny.

Elizabeth Iraheta told CNN she shared the video so people would see what was happening at the plant, where she said she's worked legally for 19 years.

"All the workers, the people that have been taken, they're not going to be able to spend money", Garcia said.

Authorities say about 600 agents fanned out across the plants, surrounding the perimeters to prevent workers from fleeing. Those arrested were taken to the military hangar to be processed for immigration violations.

He said they "were placed into proceedings before the federal immigration courts and will have their day in court at a later date".

HURST: Well, they're being detained like immigration always detains illegal aliens.

All of the illegal workers were asked whether they have children in schools or childcare services that needed to be picked up and were allowed to call family members, friends, and relatives to arrange pick ups for their children.

ICE has been housing thousands more than its budgeted capacity of 45,274 people, mostly due to an unprecedented surge of Central American families arriving at the Mexican border.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) conducted its largest single-state enforcement operation in history, in six central MS cities on August 7. MS law requires all employers in the state to use E-Verify. In 2008, workers from the plant sued the Illinois-based company, alleging that managers were sexually and physically assaulting workers; charging them money to use the bathroom and leave work at the end of the day; and threatening them with deportation.

Numerous children are US citizens, children of undocumented immigrants susceptible to deportation, especially after being arrested with a warrant and cataloged as "illegal aliens" by ICE.

A tearful 13-year-old boy whose parents are from Guatemala waved goodbye to his mother, a Koch worker, as he stood beside his father.

Friends and family console each other while USA immigration officials raided Koch Foods Inc., plant in Morton, Miss., Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2019.

Scott County Superintendent Tony McGee says officials are trying to coax pupils back to school.

ICE officials said the raids had been planned for sometime and that they're a key strategy of the Trump administration's attempt to clamp down on migrants.

"We're going to have bedding available for them and we're going to get food for them just to get them through the night", said owner Jordan Barnes. He said he also drove home a person who had hidden from authorities inside the plant.

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