Published: Sat, August 10, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Syrian government: U.S.-Turkish deal is an attack on Syria

Syrian government: U.S.-Turkish deal is an attack on Syria

They agreed on Wednesday to establish a joint operation center in Turkey to manage the zone, but neither said if they had overcome two main points of division: how far the zone should extend and who would command forces patrolling it.

A safe zone in northeast Syria "that addresses the legitimate concerns of our North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally Turkey" will be implemented in stages following bilateral talks with the USA, the Pentagon said Thursday.

On Wednesday, Turkey and the USA reached a deal on how to set up a joint operations center to coordinate and manage the setting up of the safe zone.

"Syria categorically and clearly rejects the agreement between the American and Turkish occupiers on the establishment of a so-called safe zone", a regime source told SANA news agency.

The Syrian government had said it would agree to the ceasefire on condition militants fulfilled a Russian-Turkish deal past year which aimed to create a demilitarized zone.

In response, U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper said Washington would "prevent any unacceptable offensive" by Turkey against the YPG, making the last-ditch efforts in Ankara even more crucial.

"The partial [U.S.] drawdown occurred at a time when these fighters need additional training and equipping to build trust with local communities and to develop the human-based intelligence necessary to confront resurgent [ISIS] cells and insurgent capabilities in Syria", the report said.

It has already sent troops into northern Syria twice in recent years targeting the Kurdish fighters.

The Syrian government said on Thursday that an agreement between Turkey and the United States over northeastern Syria represented a "blatant attack" on Syria's sovereignty and territorial unity and a "dangerous escalation".

Jia Kurd and a second top Kurdish politician said the fruits of U.S.

Northeastern Syria is now under the control of the US-backed Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), largely comprising of the People's Protection Units (YPG). We would prefer to act together with our American ally.

Rosemary DiCarlo urged the warring parties Wednesday to heed the Security Council's call for the release of all those arbitrarily detained, and to provide information to families about their loved ones as required by worldwide law.

"The zone, in question, would constitute a flagrant violation of the territorial sovereignty of the Arab Republic of Syria, as well as the principles of worldwide law and the United Nations charter", an official source with the Syrian Foreign Affairs Ministry, told SANA on Thursday.

The government-controlled Syrian Central Military Media said troops captured the village of Sakhr and a nearby hill a day after taking another village to the southeast. It lies on the edge of Idlib, the last remaining major rebel stronghold in the country. The government resumed its offensive Monday, accusing the insurgents of violating terms of a revived truce.

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