Published: Wed, August 14, 2019
Sport | By Ruben Hill

Tom Brady dealing with helmet change as Antonio Brown loses his grievance

Tom Brady dealing with helmet change as Antonio Brown loses his grievance

On Monday an arbitrator ruled against Brown's grievance with the league to wear the helmet, according to Adam Schefter.

Oakland Raiders star Antonio Brown appears to be turning over a new leaf regarding his helmet situation and is asking social media users for some help along the way. The Schutt AiR Advantage was discontinued in 2011, so if Brown can find one of the last two models made, he can still wear it for a few more seasons. NOCSAE's rule has been that no helmets older than 10 years can be worn.

Presumably, if Brown is on the internet trying to find a new Schutt AiR Advantage helmet, he has been given some word that it's OK.

Brown, who reportedly threatened to quit if he didn't win the battle, reacted in a tweet. Third party testing by an independent, certified helmet testing facility has proven that, three years in a row. I'm excited, and I got some plays for him. And if Brady can do it, so can Brown, especially due to safety concerns as concussions have become such a large topic throughout the world of sports.

Brown was expected to return to Raiders training camp on Tuesday after a lengthy absence. I won't be surprised if Brown's foot injury now lingers much longer than first anticipated. "I think that's what needs to be said", Gruden told reporters.

Following these reports, Raiders head coach Jon Gruden publicly expressed his support for Brown regarding the helmet issue. Team officials offered to fit him for an approved helmet, but Brown refused.

Just after it was released that the arbitrator decided not to allow the older style of helmet, Brown took to his twitter account, where he states that he's going to rejoin his teammates on the field after getting back to full health.

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