Published: Mon, August 19, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Disney Fans Call For Mulan Boycott Over Star’s Controversial Comments

Disney Fans Call For Mulan Boycott Over Star’s Controversial Comments

"Fueled by anger toward the police, as well as the slow erosion of civil liberties, the largely leaderless protests have morphed into a broader, more complicated movement: about protecting freedoms, democracy and Hong Kong's autonomy", the Times reported earlier this month. Liu Yifei, the Chinese-born star of the upcoming Mulan film, has now further enraged protestors by publicly sharing her support for the Hong Kong police.

"I support the Hong Kong police", Yifei said. You can all stack me now. Some commended her and said she's showing support for her native China while others condemned her for appearing to support the police brutality now taking place in Hong Kong.

The star of Disney's upcoming live-action Mulan has weighed in on Hong Kong's protests, provoking widespread criticism and calls for a boycott.

Police in Hong Kong have been accused of using force against demonstrators rallying for reform - an allegation that has since also included police brutality. "Liu is a naturalized American must be nice. meanwhile she pisses on people fighting for democracy", wrote Twitter user Sean Norton.

The Hong Kong protest is becoming more violent and more brutal in the country as protestors, continue to take on the streets to fight for their freedom.

Disney has yet to comment on Liu Yifei and Hong Kong.

This summer, Disney gave fans their first look into the live-action Mulan adaptation.

This led to fears of Hong Kong's independent legal system being bypassed, with people being pulled into China's legal system - which can involve television confessions and a lack of judicial safeguards seen in Hong Kong and the UK. Those words were said on Tuesday night by Fu Guohao, a reporter for another state-run Chinese newspaper, while he was being tied up and attacked by protestors at the Hong Kong airport. She became a US citizen at 15 years old but moved back to China to pursue a career in Chinese TV and movies.

While she's being criticized widely on Twitter, Liu's support of Chinese authorities is the norm for Chinese entertainers.

One even called out Disney, writing, "Why does your company support a Chinese actress who openly supports a suppressive regime?".

The unrest in Hong Kong, which began as a protest against an extradition bill has now morphed into the city's biggest crises since handover in 1997. He, too, was blasted on Twitter for the nationalist tone of his message - at one point, he says in Mandarin, "I feel the pride of being a Chinese everywhere".

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