Published: Tue, August 27, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Iran's Quds Force Chief Soleimani Says 'Insane Operations' are Israel's 'Last Step'

Iran's Quds Force Chief Soleimani Says 'Insane Operations' are Israel's 'Last Step'

It appears that Israel's success in denying Iran a permanent military presence in Syria, and its successful efforts to target Iran and its allies across the region, have enraged the Revolutionary Guards, leading them to take the unusual step of launching a (now-foiled) terrorist attack.

The latest incident also came after Israel on Saturday launched strikes in neighbouring Syria to prevent what it said was an Iranian attack on the Jewish state.

"This is a lie and not true ..."

It comes after reports of strikes against Iranian targets and Iran-backed militias in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon.

The attack struck a position held by Brigade 45, a PMF unit based near Al-Qaim about 15 kilometers from Iraq's western border with neighboring Syria.

Mr Nasrallah said one of the drones had been flying low among buildings, calling it a military "suicide mission" and "a clear aggression".

Israel's military released a map Sunday of what it said were the Iranian supply routes to deliver the planes to Syria.

He said Israeli drones had entered Iraqi airspace but did not explicitly blame them for an attack at the time.

Abu Wael Issam, an official with the Palestinian group in Lebanon, told The Associated Press that the strike was carried out by Israeli drones and did not inflict any casualties.

In the footage, four people are seen walking in an open area, one of them carrying an object that the military identified as a killer drone.

"We know these are drones with a similar range and technical depth as the drones used by Iranians in [other locations in] the Middle East ... they are highly accurate, and are created to explode on impact", he said.

IRGC Quds Force Commander has downplayed the recent Israeli attacks on a number of positions in regional countries, saying the "insane operations" were Tel Aviv's last struggles.

The U.S. military almost launched airstrikes against Iran after a U.S. military surveillance drone was shot down in June.

On Sunday, Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah threatened Israel after what he described as a targeted "drone attack" in a stronghold of his group in the south of Beirut. "Israel will continue to defend its security by all means necessary".

Elements within Syria's Assad regime turned a blind eye to the attack plan while other regime elements actively cooperated with it, according to the IDF, which said that Damascus was "definitely aware of what was happening, allowed it to happen on Syrian soil, and hence it is responsible as well".

One is reported to have killed a fighter from Iraq's Popular Mobilisation Forces.

Anger is mounting in Iraq following a spate of mysterious air raids that have targeted military bases and a weapons depot suspected of belonging to Iran-backed militias.

The prime minister issued a warning to Israel's enemies in Iran, writing, "Iran has no immunity anywhere".

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