Published: Sun, September 01, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

"Watch Out:" Israel Accuses Iran of Arming Hezbollah with Guided Missiles

The leader of Lebanon's Hezbollah on Saturday categorically denied Israeli claims about his group having factories to produce precision-guided missiles in Lebanon, saying such "lies" were an attempt to justify Israeli attacks against the country.

Concerning the venue of the resistance retaliation, Sayyed Nasrallah said it will be in Lebanon, not necessarily from Shebaa farms.

Following a series of drone strikes in Lebanon blamed on Israel, the head of the Hezbollah terror group claimed Israel "must pay a price".

According to the IDF, it was chose to expose the project in order to deny Hezbollah the ability to hide the existence of its Iranian-sponsored manufacturing sites in Lebanon - despite the risk that the revelation may expose just how much intelligence Israel has gathered over the years about these sites. The UN Security Council and all embassies that are calling officials today, have made no effort to stop the Israeli air violations in the past, his eminence indicated.

We will follow a specific strategy, if commit ourselves to drop any drone then the Israeli will send us dozens daily to deplete our capabilities, the S.G. assured.

In recent days, Israel has struck Iranian targets in Syria and Iraq, and Hezbollah has accused Israel of a drone strike in Lebanon. Moving key components to Hezbollah will upgrade the group's conventional rockets and missiles to a guided missile with a precision factor of less than 5 meters.

"Retaliating the Israeli aggression is inevitable", Hezbollah leader assured. Israeli military spokesman Jonathan Conricus told reporters the forces on Thursday had been preparing to launch "killer drones" armed with explosives at northern Israel.

The ambassador said that any war will lead to a big number of casualties and heavy damages for Lebanon and Israel. "Speculations in this regard are groundless, it's the mission of field commanders who know exactly what to do, in terms of its time and scale".

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