Published: Thu, September 05, 2019
Worldwide | By Lisa Hogan

Boris Johnson fails in high stakes attempt to call snap general election

Boris Johnson fails in high stakes attempt to call snap general election

He needed to win the backing of at least 434 MPs but only 298 voted in favour of an election while 56 voted against.

The next scheduled election is not until 2022.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn accused Johnson of bad faith - pretending to negotiate but really frittering away time until a no-deal Brexit became inevitable.

"And I can only speculate as to the reasons behind his hesitation".

"I despair at the defeatism of so many of my colleagues, and I hope we will fight back and win in a general election, for which I can not wait".

Prime Minister Boris Johnson called Wednesday for a national election on October 15, saying it was the only way out of Britain's Brexit impasse after opposition lawmakers moved to block his plan to leave the European Union next month without a divorce deal.

"We're ... not going to be tricked or conned by Johnson so we're looking at every way in which, having secured the legislation, he can't wriggle out of abiding by the law and implementing it", McDonnell said.

Lee said the party's approach to Brexit "helped transform this once great Party into something more akin to a narrow faction, where an individual's "conservatism" is measured by how recklessly one wishes to leave the European Union".

Johnson is known for not holding any position or principle so dear that he could not drop it in order to win a vote.

Johnson's drive for Brexit is being contested by lawmakers, including some of his own fellow Tories.

The bill will then go to the Lords for approval on Thursday.

Johnson is expected to seek an early election if he loses the high-stakes vote later tonight, and has threatened to remove the whip from - essentially fire - any rebel Conservative MP who defies the government and votes with opposition lawmakers.

To find out how your MP voted, use the look-up below.

It is a particular blow to the man who presented himself as the candidate most willing to tackle the challenges of a no-deal Brexit during the Conservative leadership election race.

'I think it is a very, very risky situation indeed and it has to stop'.

Last night the government lost the procedural vote that made it likely for the legislation that could have averted "No Deal" to pass. The Leader of the House of Commons, Jacob Rees-Mogg, attracted widespread criticism from his fellow MPs for his demeanour during this evening's critical Brexit debate.

Constitutional law expert Jack Simson Caird said several of the Lords had committed to uphold the vote in the Commons.

Throughout this process the position of the Labour Party and Jeremy Corbyn has not been straightforward.

"And for the benefit of Hansard, the Leader of the House has been spread across three seats, lying out as if that was something very boring for him to listen to tonight".

Johnson says Britain must leave the European Union on October 31, with or without a deal, and plans to seek a snap election if the opposition bill becomes law.

"I watched him this morning". The first is that, like May in 2017, he wants an election centered on strengthening his hand in negotiations with the EU-but the electorate wants to hear more about domestic policy, on which there is considerable Tory fatigue after nearly a decade of Conservative government.

Almost two million people signed a petition to stop the controversial move.

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