Published: Fri, September 06, 2019
Tech | By Anita Cain

New Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Shown During Nintendo Direct Today

New Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Shown During Nintendo Direct Today

During today's Nintendo Direct we got to see some new details about Pokemon Sword and Shield.

However, Overwatch's cartoony aesthetic lets it look good under nearly any conditions, so you probably won't care about the downgrades too much while gaming in your hotel room or on a wifi-equipped train or plane.

Again, this upcoming Nintendo Direct will focus on games coming to the Switch in 2019. One of them involves setting up camp with your Pokemon and trying your hand at being a curry chef.

In the Wild Area, which exists between the towns of Galar, you can set up Pokemon Camps and hang out with other trainers. You'll also be able to bust out Poke Toys and bouncing balls and play with your monsters as you camp. You can play with your Pokemon using Poke Toys or bouncing balls as well as cook with them.

What's your left-field prediction for tomorrow's Nintendo Direct?

Best of all, the addition of SNES games won't change the price of the service, and won't require you to do anything differently.

So, when can you get stuck into all of these SNES games? Set to release later this year, Nintendo chose to showcase a new multiplayer component, Pokemon, and some additional content.

New Pokemon was shown such as Polteageist, this ghost Pokemon hides in table wear. One attaches to the player's leg and the other is a large ring the player holds while performing various activities. There are over 100 curry recipes in the game that players can discover, each with a different effect. Of course, Overwatch will not be the first game from Blizzard to be on the Nintendo Switch, as Diablo 3 have long made its way to the portable console in 2018.

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